Professional D&D games

Coming soon! Fully organized, full-service Dungeons and Dragons games led by professional storytellers.

About Tokyo D&D

Tokyo D&D is a service that sets up games with professional Dungeons and Dragons storytellers (in D&D called Dungeon Master - DM). You won't need anything to get started - we provide the place, the materials and the support. The games are perfect for kids and adults, beginners and experienced players alike. You'll get an evening of unique entertainment or a memorable team-building event - an experience you’ll still be talking about long after the game is over.


D&D is tapping into a human need of creating things and stop being passive about entertainment.

Jim Zub -- comic book writer

Learning by Playing

Dungeons and Dragons is the perfect tool to learn the 21st century skills: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. These are the skills that will drive our economy in the future, these are the skills that will prepare young people today for the world of tomorrow. They key struggle with them is that they can't be learnt by rote, they can only learnt by experience. D&D provides a safe environment to fail, learn, and grow. And since our storytellers have experience in training and facilitating, they can take every encounter, every thing that the players come across, where they have to make decisions, and connect it to real-world situations of social growth.

Kids playing

If you love stories you're missing out on a whole experience if you've never done interactive story telling with other humans through role play.

Patrick Rothfuss -- author

What is D&D?

Dungeons and Dragons is a game where you sit down at a table and you are focused on telling a story, rather than trying to compete against each other or trying to win. There are no screens involved, players use pieces of paper to adopt a personae and one person acts as a sort of head storyteller or referee for all the rules. Everyone at the table then works together to try to create an amazing story together. Thus, no two games are alike. A game can last a couple of hours or all night; some play out over months, depending on the DM’s story. Think of it as a superhero movie franchise: You can watch the first installment and stop at the cliffhanger, or keep going through all the sequels.

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D&D it gave me a really strong background in imagination, storytelling, and understanding how to create tone and a sense of balance.

Jon Favreau -- actor/director